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Popular Breakfast Foods that Age You Faster

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The food you eat is the best medicine for slowing down your aging process. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the best advantage of eating healthy foods is the likelihood of living a longer life, and the American Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) concurs that depending on a healthy diet will help you live longer by reducing your risks of chronic illnesses.

Breakfast is the best place to start if you want to keep a healthy diet and begin your day on the right note. But to do that you have to know what you will be taking for your breakfast. 

Here are the foods you take for your breakfast that age you; 

1. Pastries 

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Most people love pastries because of the sugar icings that accompany them and the fact that they can be consumed when you are in a hurry and wants to leave for work. But they can speed up your aging because the tons of sugar in them can result into weight gain. If not taken care of the increase in weight can expose you to conditions like chronic inflammation, heart disease and diabetes. 

2. Pancakes

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Most people will admit that pancakes are delicious but with all the ingredients like processed flour and sugar used to achieve that, they might not be the best option for your breakfast. The added sugars and fats used to prepare them can result into weight gain if one consumes them frequently. According to CDC, sugar is an inflammatory promoting agent that creates an environment for a microbiome responsible for speeding the aging process. 

3. Sausage and beacon

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Many people love beacon and sausage for breakfast but they contain several kinds of processed meat that are associated with faster aging. They also contain nitrate which is used as a preservative. Nitrates are associated with higher chances of heart disease. The WHO also observes that consumption of red meat can increase the risk of some cancers, heart conditions and diabetes, and is generally linked to higher mortality.  

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