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Men Stop Doing The Following To Maintain Your Fertility

1) Stop Smoking.

When you smoke you make your body weak and also you make your body a slave because you become an addict to smoking. Your body will be so weak there by killing the cells responsible for production. This with time will make you impotent and before it is too late stop smoking.

2) Stop drinking alcohol.

When you drink alcohol just like smoking you make your body a slave and your body becomes weak causing the production cells to die. When you drink alcohol drink it in less amount so that you cannot be an addict that will cause damage to your body.

3) Stop staying in places with high temperature.

When you expose your body in places with high temperature like wearing too many clothes, placing electronic gadgets on the thighs and also bathing with hot water. If you expose your body in places with high temperature you make your body cells die due to high temperature. Avoid places with high temperature to be safe at all times. Too much heat will make you develop boils that are so painful too.

If you maintain some of the things I have mentioned above you will be maintaining your fertility. Thanks for reading this article.

Content created and supplied by: Freddyopr (via Opera News )


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