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Advantages and disadvantages of bhang legalisation in kenya

Bhang is a plant that is taken in the body and brings negativity or positivity in a human body. It includes leaves flowers seeds what are used as narcotic.

Bhang is illegal in kenya and there are many reasons as to why it is illegal in the country. We may be all asking questions about it,but at the end of this article you will realise whether it should be legalised or illegalized. We will discuss on some disadvantages of using bhang

1:Affects judgement

There is always a difference between a normal,self-driven man and an addict peer pressured driven man. Is what I mean when you raise a serious topic on something and ask the two parties,you will have some answers. The first party of the normal man,will try to think hard for him to give out a meaningful answer where is the second party of an adequate just give any answer without taking enough time.

2:Damages or weakens the immune system

Immune system is the ability to fight off diseases brought by virus,bacteria etc. When bhang is introduced into a human body, it kills the white blood cells thereby introducing diseases into his or her body. This can result even death.

3:Damages the respiratory system

As we all know that breathing is a major process that helps us stay alive for long and when one is not breathing he or she is already dead. When you puff in bhang,remember its a smoke. It results to breathing problems due to that smoke into your lungs. Respiratory diseases starts simply by coughing,it goes to the next step where you feel a lot of pain while coughing and also deep coughing and later on,one is diagnosed of respiratory diseases.

4:memory problems

When taken,it results to loss of memory.Bhang has some harmful substances that are triggered into your brain,causing one to lose memory easily. Remember memory loss may results and serious circumstances that are needed on day-to-day life. One can lose a job and remain unemployed and this will bring poverty in our Society and country at the same time.

There are also some advantages of using bhang like;

*improves sleep

*appetite increase

*reduces pain

When you ratio the advantages and disadvantages of using bhang, you can see that the disadvantages are less than advantages thereby meaning that usage of bhang is very very harmful to one's health.

If you want to stay away from bhang follow these simple steps;

1: stay away from idlers:- always be busy with something because an idle mind is a devil's workshop.

2: be positive minded:- always have your goals in life and be ready to achieve them.

3: choose your company:- choose a friend who helps you positively,mentally,physically socially and spiritually.

4: learn from others failures:- don't allow yourself to learn from your failures that is dead inform others and improve positively to avoid their failures.

Let's say no to bhang and will prosper in our lives.

Content created and supplied by: Shaggybuoy (via Opera News )



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