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The doctor predicted she would die in seven days but Many years later she is still alive

Rosemary Choma Kashaga is a woman who was born naturally like other girls, and raised a normal life in Tanzania. But her life took a turn when she was two and a half years old, Rosemary says that her life began to be filled with many challenges.

Rosemary says that she was born healthy without any health problems and as she grew up life went well as she was told by her elders. Rosemary says that she later got paralyzed, she could not do anything when she reached the age of two and a half years.

"For the first two years since I was paralyzed, I was in Muhimbili hospital. For the first three months, I was told that I was completely paralyzed and unable to cry, laugh or do anything. The doctor predicted that I would die in seven days. From the moment I left the hospital it was discovered that I had lost the ability to use the part from my waist down." Rosemary recalls.

So when Rosemary began to gain awareness and self-understanding, she could not use her own feet without the help of a special type of footwear known as Calipers - these are shoes that enable a person with a disability to be able to walk on their own with support and crutches.

Rosemary says that the doctor predicted she would die in seven days but many years later she is still alive despite the prediction that had left her family members speechless. She says that to her it is a miracle from God, for it is not uncommon for a person to faint for three months and then regain consciousness.

Her educational background

When she started school life, and she says that it was not easy because all this time until she started attending primary school, she had no idea that she was living with a paralysis of the legs. Rosemary says that in her upbringing she was reassured that she was a normal daughter. It was at school that she began to see genetic differences from his classmates, although she joined a school that had a large number of people with various disabilities.

"I remember that I met some friends who helped me a lot in my situation," says Rosemary. The holiday season also had its challenges often based on how Rosemary says that she did not have a specific place to live and during that holiday she endured it all until she graduated from university.

Entering the University she says that she was living with lack of special needs as a daughter, she says that she did not dare to tell her needs to people due to the embarrassment she had from the beginning.

Events like this continued to happen until she finished school and went to university, but she did not give up on her studies and despite her great anxiety.

Married life

"This picture is a great reminder. I took this picture before I got married. And by faith I spoke the words I had printed in that picture and in my heart I believed that one day God would give me my miracle. That's why I wrote and lived the 23rd Psalm that I pondered," says Rosemary.

When Rosemary met her husband Andrew, Rosemary was overjoyed, first realizing that her fiancé was a human being without any physical limitations, and on the other hand she was living with a crippled limb. He accepted her wholeheartedly. Their marriage has lasted for more than 15 years and every day it is growing in popularity as Rosemary says. Except the community around them some of them had not accepted that Rosemary would be a woman who would take care of her house.

"When I started my married life I went through a lot of challenges, first of all there were people who were spreading rumors that a woman who could not walk would not take care of her husband, and how she would be able to conceive and give birth like other women? "It really happened but we didn't give up on living as husband and wife. Every day I thank my husband for accepting me and supporting me in all my endeavors," Rosemary says.

In their marriage Rosemary and her husband Andrew have been blessed with a son. Despite the hardships of life Rosemary says that she has given herself strength.

The authorship of her book

Rosemary says that the act of writing her book 'THIS IS ME' was born out of the painful and stressful situations she has had since she was a child, Rosemary says that it was one way to alleviate the pain and stress that have been especially through the challenges and the stigma she has encountered in various contexts.

Situations like these were the main focus of the book which sheds light on his history of living with a disability and how she has coped with life so far.

Rosemary is one of the most influential leaders in Tanzania who uses her status, defending the interests of people living with disabilities.

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