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Why You Should Always Add Dhania In Your Food

Dhania or coriander is an herb that has commonly used to flavor dishes all around the world. It lends it a very appetizing aroma. Aside from that this humble leaves also have a lot of benefits in your body.

The reasons why you should always eat dhania is because:

1. Coriander can help you fight diabetes naturally. This plant has a certain compounds that when released into the blood, it causes anti hyperglycaemic that helps to keeps one’s blood sugar on check.

2. Keep high blood pressure at bay by just adding coriander in your daily meal. The high amount of cholinergic compounds, strong diuretic, and calcium antagonist in the dhania can help regulates your hypertension.

3. If you’re suffering from indigestion then raw coriander should be your bae. This plant is packed with nutrients and properties that can help the stomach to contract and digest food efficiently.

4. If you find you have a low immune system then take dhania to help  boost your system. The . and vitamins found in dhania leaves will help you be on track and strong. Also it will help you fight infections since it is an antibacterial and antifungal agent.

5. Need a good night sleep, then coriander should be in your daily meal. Not only the leaves have the quality but also the seed play a big role. The sedative properties found in dhania has an effect on the body, claiming the nerves and bringing all the chemical into symmetry.

6. If you have suffered from swelling and inflammation for one reason to another, then you should try out dhania. The omega 3 fatty acid, omega 6 molecules, and coriander oil is effective in reducing swelling and inflammation in all part of the body.

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