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"This Disease is Slowly Killing us, Please Help Us Get Treated" Family Emotionally Pleads

Some times life can be hard especially if one is suffering from a disease he/she is not aware of and at the same time not having money to get treated.

This is what is happening to a family of six where they have a strange disease that has left them in shock.

According to the family it all started with Omar when he was young and he was asked to go for surgery which did not succeed and instead it left him worse than he was.

The disease has transferred to his two kids something that has left him in shock since he is not aware what kind of a disease they are suffering from.

He claims that the disease is slowly killing them and they have no money to go to hospital for treatment. Omar claims his family has been called all bad names in his village just because of their looks and this made him to be staying at home throughout.

Omar and his wife have two little kids who have not yet been affected by the disease but they are scared if they don't take them to the hospital they might also get sick.

Omar's family has pleaded with well wishers to help them raise money soo that they can be treated and get back to their normal lives as before.

If you wish to help Omar's family please click here.

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