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'In Heaven We Shall Wear White Deras.' Doreen Moraa Says As She Jokes About Eating Too Much.

Doreen Moraa Muracha is one of Kenya's top HIV activists who helps to create awareness about HIV all over social Media platforms. Doreen also helps to Fight HIV associated Stigma by educating people not to discriminate people living with HIV. Doreen helps people to become more aware of their diagnosis and to accept and move on. Doreen loves to tell people that they can live unapologetically without fear of HIV since it's a tiny virus which cannot rule over you.

Doreen loves to encourage people to adhere to their ARV medication so that they can live a healthy life away from opportunistic infections. Doreen is currently reaping big and she is currently the ambassador of HIV infected people in Kenya and she always represents them in State Functions. Doreen has lived with HIV for the last twenty nine years.

Currently Doreen has visited Canada to represent Kenyans as A HIV Ambassador and she is living her best life. See her latest photos below.

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