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Avoid Ginger If You Have These Health Problems.

Ginger is one of the most nutritious plants, its active components including gingerol and shagaols have many health benefits. It has also being used for long as a natural remedy for medical conditions. Although it has antioxidants and anti- inflammatory properties. This four groups of people should however avoid it.

1. Blood disorders.

While ginger boosts the circulation of blood and can be helpful to those suffering from conditions like obesity, also it's harmful to people with blood clotting issues. Ginger doesn't allow medication for such conditions to work normally thus stimulating the circulation and it increases the risk of bleeding.

2. People taking certain medications.

Those who take drugs to treat certain diseases such as diabetes and hypertension should speak to their doctors first before taking ginger tea. This is because ginger may interfare with the medical effect of insulin or beta-blockers. Ginger can also interact negatively with other drugs such antiacids and heart medication.

3. If you are underweight.

Unlike in weight gain where it has the capability to boost secretion of digestive enzymes enzymes and surprise appetite. In underweight people it leads to poor muscle mass and leading to further weight loss.

4. If you are pregnant.

While ginger can help with digestion during pregnancy, it has the ability to stimulate pre mature contractions and even labour. It also interrupts the intake of dietary iron and vitamins. High intake of ginger can cause miscarriage.

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