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Opinion: Why County Bosses are Not taking Medicine as a Priority in Their County Budgets

County bosses miss 'kickbacks' in the procurement process of medicines and medical equipments.

Health sector in every given country is a very sensitive docket that needs the government of the day to put more emphasis. Running from human resource to hospital infrastructure to medical equipments and to pharmaciticals, this requires enough budgets to the sector. For proper healthcare services, the government should ensure there is proper infrastructure, enough medical equipments, adequate supply of pharmaciticals e.g Medicines and enough well trained medical personnels.

But it has come to my notice that since devolution started, governors are mostly concentrating on giving healthcare infrastructure a huge budget and with great emphasis compared to the purchase of medical equipments, medicines and other pharmaciticals.

Reasons behind this are:

1. Procurement of medicines and other pharmaciticals involve a proceedure which KEMSA plays a major role in purchasing and distribution to counties after the county budgeting. These therefore denies the county boses access to "kickbacks" from tendering process.

2. For infrastructures, the county bosses and their executives harvest big. These is because they take control of the whole procurement process. Despite them following the whole required procurement processes, it's just away to cleanse themselves from the books of the EACC if they get implicated. The person given the tender is then required to give back the "kickbacks" behind the doors.

3. Another reason is due to the political impact the projects have to those county bosses. They always feel infrastructures are the greatest projects that moves the eye and heart of a voter. And I also agree with it because we normally rate the performance of a governor mostly basing on the physical developments.

We have to style up and make our politicians accountable.

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