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7 Tips From Scientists That Can Help You Lose Weight Without Exhausting Diets

I have complied a list of scientifically-proven facts that can have a positive impact on your weight loss process.

Don’t overestimate the loss of calories during physical activity

It has been proven by scientists that people with extra weight often overestimate the number of burned calories while exercising. As a result, they allow themselves to eat more food, thinking that they spent a lot of energy. It true that you should eat after a workout but don’t go beyond the limit of your daily caloric intake. Or else the whole point of exercising will be lost.

Add healthy fats to your dietIt seems reasonable to stop eating such foods as nuts, seeds, cheese, and butter when trying to decrease the number of calories you consume. Keep in mind that, it takes more time for fats to digest than proteins and carbs, so the feeling of hunger won’t bother you for a longer time. Moreover, monounsaturated fats help the body digest lycopene, lutein, and beta-carotene.

Wash fruit and vegetables thoroughly before eating If you don't wash fruit and vegetables thoroughly, they can actually be a reason for gaining extra weight. The reason is that the remaining pesticides can slow down your metabolism, which can cause you to gain weight. These chemicals are supposed to protect the foods from parasites, but they end up having a negative influence on human health. Additionally, pesticides disrupt the thyroid function which leads to a hormonal imbalance and scientists believe that they also damage the mitochondria which is the parts of cells that turn the food you consume into energy.

Breathe in the smell of olive oilIt has been discovered by German scientists that adding olive oil to food can leave you feeling fuller quicker. It also turns out that even the smell of olive oil extends the time when the sugar level is stable, so you don’t feel hungry. Italian oils contain the biggest amount of chemicals that block feelings of hunger.

Take calcium vitamins if you can’t digest dairy productsDue to the fact that most people are lactose-intolerant, they simply exclude dairy from their diet altogether. According to scientists, cheese, milk, and cottage cheese are known to be a great sources of calcium that helps speed up the metabolism of fats. The weight of the participants of the experiment who took a calcium vitamin decreased by 26% to 70%. And therefore, if you are lactose-intolerant, try taking calcium vitamins and vitamin D.

Consume solid food in the morningScientists have known that breakfast is necessary for a long time. Now they are studying the food on the plate and its influence on our bodies. For instance, they've proven that protein efficiency increases when it’s eaten in solid form. Therefore, if you eat cottage cheese instead of a smoothie, you will feel hungry later.

Consume dark chocolateit turned out that chocolate have a positive influence on your health and it can also help you lose and maintain your weight. Scientists found out that people on a low-carb diet who eat small amounts of dark chocolate don’t gain back the weight they lost.

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