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5 Areas Of The Body That Should Be Given Extra Attention When One Is Bathing.

There are some parts of the body that people mostly over look when cleaning their body because they seem minor and dirt on such areas is not easily noticeable.

It doesn't matter how many times a person bathes per day. What is most important is how well they clean these minor organs.

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There are some organs which if not cleaned oftenly accumulate dirt and become breeding places for bacteria which leads to infections. They include:

1.Mouth. There are various bacteria that inhabits in the mouth and feed on the food remains.

When the mouth and the tongue are not well cleaned bacteria multiply there leading to a bad mouth odour.

A person should brush his or her mouth at least twice daily preferably morning and before going to bed.

2.Armpits. Excess sweating and not shaving are the main causes of smelly armpits.

Hair traps moisture creating a favourable environment for bacteria to bleed hence should be regularly washed with water and soap.

3.Navel. Should be cleaned with bea wash cloth while bathing to control bad smell and bacteria infections.

4.Buttocks. This private part sweats oftenly especially in people with alot of body fats hence if not well cleaned it may inhabit bacteria leading to skin infections. It should therefore be well washed and moisturized.

5.Back of the ears. This part is easily forgotten when a person is taking a bath. This allows sebum produced by the ear glands to attract dirt and bacteria leading to a bad smell.

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