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Things You Should Avoid If You Have Kidney Problems.

When it comes to healthy foods for kidney conditions, then you should take note of the foods that will help you in subsiding the condition instead of Increasing it's effects. Here are foods that you should avoid.

Alcoholic Drinks.

Alcohol will not only affect your liver, but it can also affect your kidneys. Alcohol can also dehydrate your body and later affects your kidneys filtration process negatively. Research has also indicated that alcohol leads to high blood pressure, in which this ends up damaging kidneys. 

Foods High in Proteins.

Proteins really play a vital role in building muscles and repair tissues, but protein can also leave behind waste that your body must eliminate, in which these waste must pass through the kidneys and if you have too much protein in your diet it really makes your kidneys strain and this could later speed up kidney damage. But this doesn't mean you should stop Consuming foods high in proteins, you can have proteins but in a moderate amount.

Additionally, You should also limit your intake of foods high in, Phosphorus,Potassium and Sodium.

You should also avoid or limit your intake of these foods; 


•lentils and beans, including canned baked beans.

•milk and yogurt.


•nuts and seeds.

•peanut butter.



•Brussels sprouts.





•white mushrooms.

•vegetable juices.


Thanks alot for your time and stay safe.

Content created and supplied by: Cederzd (via Opera News )

Alcoholic Drinks


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