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Crucial benefits of taking warm water in the morning before breakfast

Water is one of most important liquid in the body.Doctors say 70% of human body is water.There are many benefits of water taking early in the morning....

Doctors advise that one should take between 8-12 glasses a day


It is a process of removing toxins from the body.Usually the body produces acids during digestion overnight and so taking water would help in flushing them out.

It enhances Metabolism ,

a process by which food is broken down in to energy and repair of body tissues.

Moisturizes the skin,

mostly lack of taking enough water has been the cause of dry skin and itching ,this can be solved by taking water.

Reduces weight and help in burning fats

this includes flushing out of waste accumulated in the digestive system.

Increase energy

relieves fatigue and keeps one alert.

Increases oxygen levels in brain cells thus helping to keep memory

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