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The list of Best Cancer fighting Food and Fruits.

The list of Best Cancer fighting Food and Fruits.

1. Apples.

According to health cares advances in Nutrition 2011, consuming Apples reduces the risk of Cancer. In addition, it reduces the risk of Heart disease, Asthma and Alzheimer's.

2. Berries.

Berries according to 2013 Animal published by Anticancer Research, the researcher found that strawberries present great potential in minimizing Tumor growth among oral cancer patients. Additionally, another research done by International Journal Of Molecular Sciences in 2015, Berries are the best source of Bioactive compounds which are among the world's most potent Antioxidants.

3. Carrots.

Carrots are the most healthiest fruits which can be consumed raw. According European Journal of nutrition shows that consumption of carrots is effective in reducing the risk of Prostate Cancer.

4. Cinnamon.

Is the one most famous spices in Aloe Vera used as traditional medicine. According to journal published by BMC Cancer in 2019 has proven that Cinnamon can kill cancer too much. Has Efficacy in fighting various type of cancer including Cervical cancer, Colorectal cancer, Melanoma and lymphoma cancer.

5. Cruciferous vegetables.

They include broccoli and cauliflower and are rich in a substance known as Sulforaphane, According to Clinical Research in 2010 this substance reduces the risk of Cancer.

By Carcinogenesis in 2004 has proven that consumption of Cruciferous vegetables reduces the risk if Prostate Cancer and Breast Cancer.

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