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Hospital Where Men and Women Share Hospital Beds in Western Kenya Exposed

It has emerged that Matungu Sub County Hospital is so scrapped for space that they actually have to share beds between men and women. This is something that many people can't believe happens in Kenya in this day and age.

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The fact that we are in the middle of a pandemic and the sick are sharing beds, shows how incompetent some people in charge have become. The Hospital serves three sub counties namely Matungu, Mumias West and Mumias East.

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This is something that should definitely not be happening in any county in Kenya. Diagnosis of diseases in this hospital is another major snag as the laboratory is ill equiped to handle any type of diagnosis.

It is one of the biggest hospital facilities in the county of Kakamega. This is absolutely not a sight that one wants to be welcomed to as they head to a hospital. The relevant authorities, we hope, will do the necessary soon.

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