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Meet Conjoined Twins Who Share a Brain

Krista and Tatiana Hogan are a very rare type of twins that are conjoined together in head and are still alive today. They are Canadians, born in October 25, 2006. They are joined at the head, the top, back and sides. It was declared that these twins can not be separated, due to the likelihood of the surgery killing or paralyzing one or both the girls. These twins share the brain and they can see out of each other's eyes. Neurological studies have stunned the doctors. Tatiana can see out of both of Krista's eyes, while Krista can only see out of one of Tatiana's eyes. These twins share the senses of touch and taste and the connection even extends to motor control. Tatiana controls three arms and a leg while Krista controls three legs and an arm. Amazingly, the girls say they also know one another's thoughts without needing to speak. Despite this unique connection, they are two distinct people. Tatiana is talkative, outgoing and high-strung, while Krista is quieter, more relaxed and loves to joke.

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