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The Reason Why You Experience A Runny Nose When You Cry

At the lowest points of our lives, we may cry due to stress or other sufferings. It is good to note that science encourages crying as it helps one to completely relieve himself or herself from much more pain. But have you ever wondered why you have a runny nose when you cry? Why you'll need a handkerchief or towel to wipe your nose? We all know that when we cry tears come from the eyes but in the end our noses also become wet, a condition called rhinorrhea.The reason for this is because of a very special and small hole in our eyelids called lacrimal punctual. You've probably seen it on your friend's eyelid when you look closely. There are two lacrimal puncta in each eyelid. These lacrimal puncta work together to drain excess tears from the lacrimal glands through the lacrimal canalaculi to the inferior nasal meautus of the nasal passage. When this occurs, you experience a runny nose and this helps you to remove excess tears. It is a great process which many do not understand but quite useful. Thanks for reading my article and please follow for more updates. If you find this article interesting, you can like it and share to others.

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