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4 Natural Ways to Fight Painful Periods

Doctors say that it is common to have pain when you are menstruating because during this time the muscles in the womb contact and also relaxes to shed linings that are built inside.

Not everyone will pass through pain or cramps during period,others will experience headache, fatigue and they may also vomit regularly. There have been several factors that cause severe pain for example; when it is your first period, when the flow of the menstrual is more than normal and also when you are used to taking birth controls.

Below are some of the ways that can help to reduce menstrual pain;

Taking medications.

Over the counter drugs such as ibuprofen have been proven to lower and reduce pain to women experiencing period pain but only under the advice of the doctor.

Massage therapy.

Get someone to massage you for 20 minutes mostly on specific areas like back, abdomen and side. Adding essential oils like peppermint or lavender for the therapy has a lot of benefits mostly on reducing pain but you need to dilute them with sweet almond oils or vegetable oils for best results.


Some women who undergo pain during periods have come out clearly to testify that having orgasms has helped them to reduce pain, Doctors also state that vaginal orgasm runs through the entire body making the brain to release oxytocin which in turn help reduce pain.

Avoid some foods.

There are foods that are not good to take during menstruation for example black tea, alcohol, coffee and also taking a lot of salt is not advised,try having milk,ginger or hot water with lemon as a substitute.

Lastly, try and apply heat on the abdomen using a wet but hot clothe or a hot water bottle to reduce pain.

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