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Importance of Cannabis Sativa in human body

Cannabis sativa existed so many years ago, it is made into many different forms like powder and leaves form, it can smoked or sniffed It is prohibited in Kenya but some countries like Uganda or Jamaica is a source of income to so many farmers.

Some of many youths have been smoking marijuana without considering its negative and positive effects. But the studies has shown so many benefits of bang smoking and here are some of few discussed positive effects.

1.Help lose weight

Most people who are addicted to smoke weeds have weight loss, this is due to regulated insulin while managing caloric intake efficiently.

2.Helps treat depression

Depressions is coursed by so many things but after smoking the weed you will easily forgot and make your mind free and this is due to a substance called endocannabinoid compound found in marijuana.

3.Mend bones

These who smoke mostly when broken, their bones are mended easily compared to these non smokers, and also hardens the body bones hence making them hard to break.

4.Treatment for glaucoma

This where individual finds pressure on the eyeball with disorder. Cannabis can help in the reduction of the pressure applied on the eye surface.

5.Deal with pain linked to arthritis

Cannabis is now commonly found as creams and balms which are used by individuals that have arthritis. Both THC and CBD help sufferers deal with the pain.

6.Helps with alcoholism

Cannabis is much safer than alcohol it is good to take it than drinking alcohol.

7.Relief of chronic pain

With bang leaves, they are so many chemicals like cannabinoids which is linked with providing of relief of chronic that helps in chronic pain reliefs.

Content created and supplied by: Wuodnyamalo (via Opera News )

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