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5 Junk Foods That Men Should Avoid

Manhood is controlled entirely by testosterone hormone. Without this hormone distinction between males and females would have been difficult and minimal difference would be noted.

Now, there are some foods that completely destroy men. This foods have tendencies of converting testosterone to estrogen hormones while others lower the levels of testosterone.

Such foods may trigger unwanted features in men including man boobs, belly fat and obesity.

Here are 5 foods you should avoid by all cost as a man.

1. Alcohol

Alcohol is a good testosterone hormone, it converts testosterone to estrogen no wonder you find that people who are drunk are always aggressive and emotional after few glasses.

You should avoid alcohol especially beer. Beer contains lots estrogen that is why you will always find man boobs and large belly fats on heavy drinkers of beer.

2. Bottled water

Bottled water is not a problem but the problem is the bottle itself. Scientific research has proved that plastic bottles have a chemical component called bisphenol which converts testosterone to estrogen.

This chemical is abundant in plastic bottles and equipments. Never get used to drinking bottled water and canned foods, it is 100 times better to drink tapped water than bottled water.

3. Sodas

Sodas are very unhealthy, they loaded with more calories, sugars and caffeine. This components are responsible for uncontrolled weight gain and conversion of testosterone to estrogen.

4. Junk foods

When I ask men what their favourite food is, I get so sad when a man gets to tell me chips and sausages. This junk foods are very harmful on men.

Those extra pounds you get are a result of this junk foods, this foods contain more trans fats. Dear men the more fats you have the lower testosterone you have.

5. Microwave popcorn

Eating popcorn is not bad but, be careful on the place you order your popcorn from. Popcorn packing nowadays is done in plastic bags which may release chemicals on the product.

It is better to make make your own popcorn. Avoid this foods as a man and you will have some good testosterone levels.

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