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Skin Care

Use rice water mixture to get rid of smelly foot for good, Here's the procedure

You've probably tried all the interventions that have been researched by different articles to get rid of smelly foot but they didn't work. Well here's a final solution to your problems. The solution to your smelly foot is rice water!

But before we get into the interventions part, let's understand how smelly foot odor comes about.

Causes of smelly foot

1. Sweat accumulation on the skin

2. Bacteria growth on the skin

3. Fungi infestation of your feet

4. Having a wet feet

5. Hyperhidrosis which is an abnormal condition of sweating excessively.

6. Putting on tight shoes with thick socks.

All the points listed above contribute to skin breakage and provision of favorable multiplication site for bacteria and fungi.Observe these practices to fight the odor completely.

1. After scrubbing your legs with mild soap, remember to dry them completely including the spaces in between the toes.

2. Try using antifungals and antibacterial powders if a diagnosis of athlete's foot has been proven.

3. Regularly change your shoes. Do not put on one type of shoe throughout the entire week.

4. Soak your legs in salty water in the evening after removing your shoes. This mixture will help absorb extra moisture and water, exfoliates the dead skin and destroys the bacterial environment for multiplication. Do this everyday for better results.

5. Use vinegar soak. Make sure while doing this mixture, your leg does not have an open wounds because vinegar will irritated it. Mix vinegar and water in ratio 1:2 and soak your legs for sometime. This will help in neutralization of the acidic medium created by the bacteria.

6. Soak your legs in rice water. You can prepare rice water by either soaking rice in cold water or boiling rice and then extracting the left over solution. This will not only benefit your leg hygiene but also skin complexion. A lot of ongoing researches are trying to understand the magic behind rice water but haven't been successful yet. Rice water is said to have exfoliant properties, reduces bromhidrosis and cushions the skin against scaling.


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