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Just In; MOH Breaks The Silence Again And Reveals Good News to Kenyan After Today's Covid-19 Updates

Covid-19 virus has caused a lot of confusion in different countries because many families have lost their loved ones and many children are now orphans after their parents passed away. Furthermore, millions of people have been contracted this this virus.

Signs and symptoms of Covid-19 virus.

Like any other disease, Covid-19 has some signs and symptoms that can emerge any time after contracting it. Some of them include; High fever, sneezing, difficulty breathing and coughing.

According from the source, Ministry of health have announced Covid-19 infections in the country. In today updates, our country have recorded, 69 positive cases from the sample of 1414 which is equivalent to 4.9%. From today's updates, our country have started recording low positive cases. These are good news to all Kenyans because the government may reduce some guidelines like curfew hours in the country.

Furthermore, all Kenyans should take Covid-19 jabs to end this deadly epidemic in this world.

Also remember Covid-19 vaccines are free and you are not allowed to buy. You are required to report any doctor or nurse who will force you to pay for the vaccines. Stay safe and sanitize.

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