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Here Is An Outlook of The current Threat, Monkeypox

An outbreak of disease has arisen in European countries and it is giving many, distress. The disease at hand is called Monkeypox. Here is a sneak of what the disease is;

Monkeypox is a zoonosis- a virus transmitted from animals to humans. It was first discovered in a Danish lab in 1958. It then affected the first human in Congo in 1970.

One of the major causes and risks is the consumption of inadequately cooked food. The disease is transmitted through body fluid, respiratory droplets, and materials contaminated. The disease has an incubation period of 6-13 days meaning a person can have the disease without signs for the day mentioned herein, with positive results after tests do not show evidence. The disease has the following sign and symptoms:

a) Asthenia profound(weakness) - This means the patient may experience severe back pains and the pain can be deeply felt.

b) Headache

c) Lymphadenopathy - This is the abnormal growth of the lymph nodes.

d)Back pain - A patient is likely to experience pain in their back after they are affected.

e) Myalgia - This means a patient is likely to experience muscle and body aches.

f) Skin rash and lesion - Lesion is a wound or injury. People would are suffering or have healed are likely to be left with patches on the affected areas.

Monkeypox is self-limiting, meaning it attacks in severity phases meaning there are mild and severe attacks, and has a group that it attacks severely. Some of the people considered at a higher risk are children, individuals with immune supersession due to health conditions, and pregnant women.

The World Health Organization recently stated that the smallpox vaccine is 85% effective when administered to patients suffering from the Monkeypox disease. This is good news since it has instilled hope in those affected. Although the disease does not spread easily, those affected are advised to isolate themselves.

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