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Mark of Intelligence

We have different levels of intelligence among human beings. Someone's intelligence should be measured using various factors. In our societies, we have other groups as far as intelligence is concerned. Learning different personal attributes would help to identify all these levels.

According to my own opinion and experience, it is hard and challenging to manage an intelligent person. They have a brain that always sees and thinks of more than what is being provided or offered. It is so hard to contain them fully as their brain always thinks beyond the set goals. Secondly, an intelligent person is very flexible and can adapt to any situation. They have the solution to any problem as their brain is highly understanding. They also understand complex concepts very fast.

They also tend to live their own lives as they would feel uncomfortable with others in most cases. They like keeping to themselves and doing what they love best without disturbances. They are very calculative when answering questions. In most cases, they don't like arguments, as they have nothing to prove about their intelligence. In most cases, they might be mistaken for not being normal as they rarely dress smart, and sometimes they talk to themselves. Add more qualities and correct me where necessary. Kindly share for others to participate.

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