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Men Stop Doing The Following To Maintain Your Fertility

1) Stop Smoking.

Smoking makes one become so weak because when you smoke you damage your lungs which results to difficulty in breathing. Smoking also kills the body cells which lowers the production of cells which are responsible for production of male gametes. This may result to immature production of male gametes making you impotent. Before it is too late please stop smoking.

2) Stop wearing very tight trousers.

Skinny trousers make your skin poles to be blocked thereby causing your body to be uncomfortable even the skin will not excrete properly. When you wear skinny trousers too much heat is generated in your body killing the cells in the body. This means that if you kill the cells in the body you reduce the chances of producing mature sperms to get one pregnant. Skinny trousers are also the cause of very painful boils in the private parts of the body.

3) Stop Staying in Places with High Temperature.

Places with high temperature will cause you to kill the cells in your body and just like in the wearing skinny trousers it will reduce the chances of you producing cells that are mature. You can expose your body to high temperature by wearing too many clothes, bathing with hot water, placing electronic gadgets like laptops on your thighs and so on.

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