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Ways You Are Hurting Your Mental Health

Even though it might seem normal to feel overwhelmed and stressed in the world we live in, its not. Prioritizing your mental health should be a priority. Bad posture is one of the things affecting many people's mental health as it strains ones spine and influences how you feel.

Focusing on being productive all the time is another issue. Even when you are relaxing you find yourself overthinking and this leads to anxiety. Everyone should know that it is okay to take break. Kindness can affect both the giver and receiver in a positive way, but worrying whether you are nice enough can be a huge drain on your energy.

Most of the times people feel better at the moment assuming emotions like anger and grief but later on, bottling up your emotions will have a huge effect on your mental health. Everyone should train themselves to speak up when something is bothering them instead of just letting it slide.

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