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Forget Covid: Pray For India After Another Worse Disaster Hits The Country killing People

Covid-19 have killed millions of people around the world. Furthermore, many people are in hospitals fighting for their lives after contracting covid-19 . The virus normally attack the lungs and reduce amount of oxygen in the body. Some signs and symptoms of coronavirus include, high fever, coughing and difficulty breathing.

Many countries around the world have been affected by high positive cases and deaths . Furthermore, some hospitals are lacking ICU beds and oxygen cylinders. This has been caused by many patients who are in critical conditions.

Furthermore, there are disasters that causes many people to suffer in this world. Accordingly from the source, 25 people have confirmed dead in India after Tropical cyclone , a storm with strong winds was experienced in some parts of India. It reported that highways road turned into rivers after heavy rainfall was experienced. Properties worth millions have been destroyed and many people have been displaced.

This happens in the country when the country is recording high positive cases. Let us all pray for our brothers and sisters who have been affected by the disaster.

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