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Ladies if you Ever Notice This in the Lower Part of your Cervix, Please Seek Medical attention

Currently Kenya and the whole world as well is recording so many deaths resulting from cervix cancer every year. Cervical cancer is one of the killer diseases which can only be diagnosed if it is noticed early enough. Remember that cancer has no cure, one can only be safe if the cancer is identified early enough. Right now there are so many organization who are sponsoring free cancer scanning, it is very important to take your time and go for cancer screening.Cervix cancer usually develop very slow and doesn't have any mach pains until it has affected so many cells. Some ladies end up ignoring some early signs of this disease without exactly knowing.Here are some of the early signs that you should take action if you ever realize.

The first one is if you find yourself having a hitching effect on your lower part of the cervix.This hitching effect may be caused by bacteria Infection. If not treated, this infection can result to cancer. One may also encounter severe abdominal pains after it spread to other part of the abdomen.

Secondly, if you start to encounter blood discharge from the cervix while you are not in menstruation. Sometimes you may not feel any pains. This should not be confused with hormone imbalance since it can cause blood discharge even after menstruation. one may have have periods more than once in a menstrual cycle. It is also wise to seek medical attention since hormone imbalance is treatable.

Another thing is that you may feel some pain during intercourse. If you have not been experiencing this pain during intercourse before and then you start to notice it, it is wise to get medical attention.

Mostly cervical cancer and other related infections are causes by several things. The first one is using detergents or some soaps while cleaning these parts. You should always use water with no detergents or recommend soaps when cleaning these parts. Secondly, using dirty washrooms can lead to these infections due to splash water that get back to these parts after hitting the dirty surfaces.Please share.

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