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Opinion: Why Uplifting The Covid-19 Restrictions Might Affect The Country

Kenyans were relieved after the government uplifted the Covid-19 restritions.This was a good action but to some point of view,Kenyans should take a case of India where now people are dying everyday in large numbers. The restrictions had helped the spread of Corona virus spreading hence,reducing the positivity rate.The restrictions put in placentral were lock down, curfew and following Covid-19 measures.Many Kenyans had started to adapt to the current situation but now the government has uplifted the restrictions,then what does it mean for Kenyans?

The government did what Kenyans wanted but the problem is that ,the measures the government will take to ensure Kenyans are safe from Corona Virus infection is not clear.This indicates that ,it will be the duty of each Kenyan to take care of him or herself. If Kenyans do not adhere to Covid-19 measures then it will mean that the case of India might erupt in our country too.

I advise each Kenyan to wear a mask,maintain social distance ,wash hands regularly and report any related Corona virus symptoms to a nearby health facility.

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