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6 most effective indoor physicals to work your legs

Hitting the gym when I was young, I used to get the notion that doing squats with weight on my shoulder would make me remain short. This made me concentrate more on other exercises that didn’t threaten my already short stature. However, I later found out that the idea was a myth and that height has much to do with the genetic makeup.

Here we look at those exercises that will help you build those legs while you still indoors, since most gyms remain closed. Having strong legs does not only make you look good but, it has other benefits such as boosting testosterone levels since they are the biggest set of muscles in the body.

1. Squats, these are the number one leg exercises that are easy to do and target a number of muscles on the legs. When doing squats ensure that your legs are shoulder- width apart, you step on the ground with the whole of your feet not toes and you only bend your knees.

Start with 3 sets of 10 squats and increase the number of reps as you become more used to them. You can also add on variations of squats by holding weights on either side with your arms, or holding a weight with the arms stretched out straight. 

2. Lunges, these exercises target the some of the biggest muscles which are gluteal, hamstrings and quad muscles. You start by taking a step while standing and lowering your body by your knees until they are about 90 degrees bent, then rising back up. Start with one leg and do about 15 lunges then the other leg. Ensure you do about 3 – 5 sets, with equal number of reps on each leg.

When starting you can just allow your hands to rest on your waist but as you progress you can try variations, where you hold smaller weight on your hands.

3. Wall sits, here you just lean on a flat wall ensuring that your whole back completely rests against a wall, then go down till your knees are at 90 degrees so as it appears as if you sitting down. Start counting to about 10 counts and then go back up. You are likely to start filling a burning sensation on your thighs but do not crumble down when tired, but go up to prevent injuries.

4. Step Ups, using a step or a bench, place one leg up on it then lift your entire self so that you stand on it. Repeat this with the left leg for about 10-20 reps then switch to the other leg. You can do 3 – 5 sets of step ups and you can add variations where you hold a weight on your chest as you progress. The height of the step can be about 30cm from the ground at the beginning.

5. Pistol squats, these ones can be challenging at first but with an experience in squats it can be easy. Start from a standing position then hold out one leg and do a squat with the other leg, going all the way down. While doing pistol squats, the hands are best held out straight in front to maintain the balance. Do 3-5 sets of 8 to 15 reps of this, and also avoid crumbling down once you are exhausted. 

6 Donkey kicks, just like the name of the exercise, you are supposed to go down on your elbows and knees then raise your leg one at a time without unbending the knees. While doing the donkey kick, the bottom of the feet of the raised leg should face up not sideways or backward, that’s why you are not to stretch the knee. Do 10-20 reps on each leg for about 3-5 sets. The effects will be felt on the hamstrings and gluteal muscles making it a perfect exercise for ladies.

The above exercises can be compounded while you are targeting to build muscles on your legs. The list constitutes 6 of the best indoor exercises that can be done by both ladies and men. Doing them 3-4 days a week will prove effective within 2 months. Remember to hydrate and take caution to avoid injuries. Hope you find them helpful and as effective as they are. Good riddance and stay safe.

Content created and supplied by: MikeEgan (via Opera News )

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