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Why You Should Not Take It For Granted When Your Body Finds It Easy To Sleep

Many people struggle with insomnia, nightmares, the feeling of a dark presence in the bedroom, the fear of not waking up, and the feeling of being held in sleep.

Health challenges that make it difficult to sleep, intense back pains, and anxiety about whether the children are sleeping OK.

The anxiety of sleeping next to a spouse you don't feel safe with, the anxiety of sleeping in an unsafe neighborhood, and the trauma of abuse done to them that plays out in the mind when others are sleeping.

The stress of problems that keep them up at night, the guilt of something wrong they did that disturbs their sleep, a heartbreak that cuts so deep that sleep becomes elusive.

Don't take it for granted when your body finds it easy to sleep, that your mind willingly shuts down peacefully and you have a good night.

Sleep is a gift to your mental, emotional and physical well-being. In case you struggle to sleep, may the issues denying you sleep be attended to.

May your mind be at ease, may you relax even in the middle of storms, may you trust in the God you pray to in watching over you, may you find healing, and may you find solutions and not reasons to worry.

You cannot delegate sleep to another. May you be gifted with a good rest each night and wake up fresh to face a new day.

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