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Opinion: 5 Things That You Should Not GOOGLE And Reasons Why

Internet care.

Google helps us to find the information we are looking for instantly thus bettering our daily routines. However, we should not go to extremes by googling the following information on the internet.

1. Your symptoms.

Google has all information about different fields. Health is one of the fields, there is a variety of information concerning our health. It's a habit for most of us to severally google our symptoms whenever we experience health problems. This habit is quite dangerous because some of the information posted on Google are not guided by health technicians. Hence the best thing you should do when you experience a health problem, arrange to meet healthcare personnel instead of googling which can lead to more problems instead of helping.

2. Cancer.

We often have enough and good sleep when our mind doesn't think of dangerous things. By googling Cancer and you're a Cancer victim, it will have a lot of stigmas hence an increase in depression.

3. Your name.

We should avoid googling our names since we may find pessimistic information under our names on the internet. For instance, if you Google your name and find a long story about you that you even don't know, we must be curious to read up to a particular end. If the information is negative about you, then you must extremely fall into depression thinking that everyone else on the internet has read it. This is why we should completely avoid googling our names.

4. Criminal information.

Our curiosity of knowing about a criminal act or a criminal weapon can lead us to problems. For instance, one may google how to acquire an illicit weapon. Because the internet doesn't forget, security agencies keep on tracking information on the internet to detect any criminal offense. So let's avoid being curious about unlawful information.

5. Smoker Lungs.

I don't smoke. But quite a volume of us knows how the lungs of a smoker look like. If you smoke and look at images of smokers' lungs on the internet, it may affect you psychologically.

However, there's no problem with Google on anything that starts with keywords like; WHY, HOW, and IS. Thanks for taking your good time to read this dissertation, I hope it helped you. Now, remember to follow and leave your comments for more on this subject.

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