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How Night Shift Jobs Are Ruining Your Health

According to the health research, night shift jobs is prohibited since it interferes with ones sleeping pattern which may result to health related problems and even can reduce life expectancy.

As stated by sleep foundation exploration, lack of enough sleep alters natural way of production of glucose in the body due to surge in cortisol hereafter resulting to increase in blood sugar levels in body henceforth causing diabetes.National Health Service, UK, link lack of enough sleep with infertility in both men and women due to distraction of one's sleeping pattern leading to reduction in production of reproduction hormones making it cumbersome to conceive.

Be careful, the research admit that insufficient sleep in both men and women results low level of libido secretion causing lubrication difficulties during intercourse leading to pain.

The findings links inadequate sleep to heart diseases because distraction of sleeping pattern restrain normal heart rhythm and cause a ripple effect of heart problems such as Ischemic heart disease, coronary heart disease and Atrial Fibrillation.

Those participating in night shift jobs such as in the field of security, long distance drivers and journalism are urged to sleep at day time to make up their sleepiness night druther than undertaking various tasks to put something on the table.

As far as jobs is concern, people partaking night shift jobs should contemplate safety of their health is paramount for the consequences are severe.

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