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4 Benefits Of Beetroot Juice: Why You Should Drink It Every day.

Beetroots are rich in vitamin B9 which helps cells grow and function well.folate in them helps in controlling damage to blood vessels, which can reduce the risk of heart diseases and stroke.they also contain nitrates which affects the blood vessels reducing one's blood pressure and boosting the blood flow. below is a list of reasons why you should consume beetroots daily;

Supports heart health.

Beets helps to dilate blood vessels which reduces stress on the heart to pump oxygen.

Rich in nutrients.

It is rich in calcium a mineral necessary for developing and maintaining strong bones. potassium in beets also helps to properly transmit nerve impulses and keep our memory sharp and clear.

Prevents constipation.

They are high in fibre which promotes a healthy digestive also helps to prevent constipation, diarrhea and the risk of colon diseases.

Prevents anemia.

Beets are full of iron which helps to transport oxygen in the body and prevent anemia.

Beetroots also supports the liver natural detoxification process and reduces blood pressure.the powerful pigment betacyanin found within beets helps to stimulate and enhance the process in the liver known as phase 2 detoxification.

The process helps the liver to turn harmful toxins such as alcohol and metabolic waste into harmless substances that can then be removed from the body.having seen the numerous benefits of beetroots in our body, today is a great day to start consuming them. good luck!.

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B9 Beetroot Juice


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