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4 Major Reasons Some People Die In Their Sleep

There are several rites of passage that can be avoided, but only one can never be avoided. Death is the only rite of passage that every living creature has to undergo. People die in different ways; some die through fatal accidents, others sickness, among other causes. Today, I will share four significant reasons why people perish during sleep.

1. Carbon oxide poisoning

This gas is produced by burning charcoal; the charcoal uses the oxygen in the room to burn up and produce carbon oxide gas which is a poisonous gas. This is one of the significant causes of death, and people avoid using burning jiko in a closed room. In addition to that, avoid living in highly industrialized areas that emit large amounts of smoke.

2. Sleep disorders ( sleep apnea)

This syndrome is characterized by brief pauses in breathing that occur during sleep. If the individual's condition worsens, they may lose their life since it limits the amount of oxygen available throughout the body. However, it has not been determined whether the ailment itself causes death or whether it is the cardiac trouble that is precipitated by this illness that causes death.

3. Heart attack

Cardiac arrest mainly occurs when the body experiences several organ failures. This means that essential body organs such as the brain will lack enough supply of oxygenated blood. We all know that lack of enough blood supply can cause sudden death.

4. Stroke

A blood clot in the brain or the rupture of blood vessels can result in a stroke. Because of this, oxygenated blood cannot get to the most vital portion of the body, the brain. If the stroke is severe, it may result in death while the patient is sleeping.

The following video provides more details about the primary cause of death during sleep. Click on the Youtube link below to watch this educational video.

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