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"Covid-19 Might Have Side Effects" MOH Breaks The Silence And Reveals New Details About Vaccines

Many countries are still struggling with Covid-19 infections. The virus is transmitted from one person to another. Furthermore, there are different types of Covid-19 variants. The most dangerous variant is known as Delta variant. This variant is highly transmittable.

Signs and symptoms of Covid-19 infections.

There are different signs and symptoms a person might show after contracting Covid-19 infections. They include.

1. Coughing.

2. Sneezing.

3. High fever

4. Difficult breathing.

Prevention of Covid-19.

People are encouraged by the ministry of health to sanitize always and to wear mask regularly to stop this infections in the country.

According to the source, the ministry of health have revealed that, all Kenyans who are 18 years and above will receive Covid-19 vaccines from January next year. Furthermore, the Ministry Of healthy have revealed that after receiving Covid-19 jabs, some people might experience some side effects. Furthermore, it has been reported that, these side effects will disappear after sometimes. Some side effects include, headache and fatigue.

Furthermore, remember that different people react differently to medicines.

Furthermore, some people have reacted in social media and expressed their feelings. Look some reactions from Kenyans.

Just take you dose today and stay safe.

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