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8 Simple Ways to Become More Disciplined

1. Find Your Values

Knowing your values is a cheat code. If you don’t value reading, reading will be hard. If you don’t value fitness working out will be hard. How does knowing this help? If you don’t value something but need to do it then you MUST take extra steps to make it happen.

2. Chose One Goal

People find it hard to be disciplined when they’re trying to do more than one new thing at a time. If you pick one thing and focus your energy on that, discipline will come easier.

3. Nutrition, Sleep, and Exercise

These are key to discipline.

-When you’re tired you make poor choices.

-When you exercise you make better choices.

-When you eat healthy food you eat less junk food.

Stay disciplined in these and other areas will come easier.

4. It's About the Habit

Being disciplined is a lifestyle, not a short-term event to reach a goal. Too many people forget that discipline has little to do with the outcome and everything to do with the habit. Focus on building the habit and you’ll like the outcomes you get.

5. Time

We are often undisciplined because we say we don’t have time. The average adult spends five hours per day looking at screens. Take an honest assessment of your time and identify areas you can improve.

6. No Permission

Stop waiting for someone to give you permission to do what you know you should do. You don’t need approval from anyone, just take the first step.

7. Forgive Yourself

Did you know the most disciplined people are undisciplined sometimes? They intend to wake up and work out and end up sleeping in. But they don’t let that one day stop them. They forgive themselves and wake early the next day.

8. Just One

The hardest part about being disciplined is getting started. Tell yourself you’ll…

-Read one page

-Do one push up

-Eat one healthy meal

Keep the bar low and start with one.

9. Show Up

Some days you’ll feel like crap and the only thing you can do is show up. Showing up and going through the motions (when it's hard) is what will set you apart from others. The undisciplined show up only on the days they feel good. You show up no matter what.

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