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4 Things You Should Stop Doing Before Going To Bed

Our brains have been configured to activate sleep and rest at night and when we feel tired and stressed. Because sleep is a very important and necessary routine of life, it is the way the body renews and receive strength for the next day activities. If the body is deprived of sleep for 3-5 straight days it could cause breakdown and shutdown of the whole body system.

The hormone responsible for this is known as Melatonin. This hormone is produced after a stressful activity and very much at night. it helps the body prepare for sleep. If the production of this hormone is disturbed it affects our sleep pattern which could cause health problems in the future.

There are certain popular things that we are unaware of that disturb our sleep pattern and cause insomnia. Below are some of them;

1.Avoid Binging on Fatty Foods and Snacks.

Research suggests that eating within the hour before bedtime can hurt both sleep quality and quantity, especially for women. In particular, eating meals high in fat before bed seems to decrease your sleep time.

If you' re hungry late at night, experts recommend eating whole grains paired with protein, like natural peanut butter on whole- wheat bread and fruits with low water content.

2.Staring Deeply Into Your Electronics.

This includes TV, mobile phones, laptop or desktop, tablet and so many others. The light emitted from these devices trick your brain and keeps you awake. Avoid texting, chatting, , checking social media watching movies, at least 30 minutes before bedtime and if you must keep your devices close use a warm low light when operating them.

3.Stressing About Life.

If your mind is running wild with worries, all you can do is direct that nervous energy elsewhere. Try by thinking about the good things and be grateful, read a comforting book, praying etc. This may not solve your problems but you would sure gets midnight sleep.

4.Drinking Caffeinated tea or Coffee.

Avoid taking any tea that have caffeine. Even some soda like Cola have Caffeine in them. The caffeine from these drinks increases adrenaline and energy levels, producing an effect that will keep you up rather than helping you doze off. And if you must take something warm before bed try decaf, or just dunk your teabag in the water for a few seconds.

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