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Why You Should Eat Guavas Regularly

Eating guavas has alot of health benefits to our body. Here are the reasons why you should eat atleast one guava a day.

1. Good for digestion.

Guavas are a good source of dietary fiber which aid in digestion. They ensure there is smooth digestion which can prevent constipation.

2. Boost heart health.

Guavas contain high level of potassium and soluble fiber which contribute to improved heart health.

3. Weight loss.

Guavas are full of fiber and low in calories which aid in weight loss.

4. Boost immunity.

They are a rich source of vitamin C which play an important role in maintaining a healthy immune system.

5. Good for skin.

They have antioxidants which protect the skin from damage that can slow down it's aging process and prevent wrinkles.

6. Lower blood sugar levels.

Guavas are so important because they control blood sugar levels in the body. They lower the blood sugar levels when high and keep the body healthy.

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