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Weight Loss Ni Real. See Njugush's Wife Wakavinye, Latest Transformation After Hitting The Gym.

Njugush's Wife is Popularly known as Celestine Ndinda. Wakavinye is only her stage name when acting. Njugush Revealed that the nick name Wakavinye originated to the fact that Celestine drives the Vitz type of car. Vitz Is a type of car which are usually very small and are pocket friendly since they don't consume so much fuel.

Celestine is also an upcoming comedian and Celestine loves to create You Tube Content together with her husband. Currently Celestine and Njugush have lived together for decades. Celestine and Njugush are parents to one amazing boy called Tugi.

However Celestine is one of Kenya's Celebrity who has struggled lots with weight gain. Celestine used to weigh many pounds and she became so uncomfortable with her weight status.

Celestine embarked on her weight loss journey some few months ago. Celestine also sought help from a nutritionist who has helped Celestine with menu plan diets for weight loss. Celestine has then been a regular visitor of the gym almost daily. However Celestine's discipline of constantly working out seems to be paying off. Below are pictures of Celestine before weight loss. Below are pictures of Celestine after weight loss.

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Celestine Njugush Vitz Wakavinye


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