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Mombasa Is Facing A new Pandemic And Women Are The Most Affected

Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is on the rise in Mombasa after research highlighted in-depth details on the most affected members of the public at Mombasa.

According to sources most women in Mombasa are contracting the killer disease at higher rate that the men in Mombasa, the findings is shocking as to why women and not men this is because most men have been considered to be the major spreader of venereal disease.

But recent studies have show the influx in the number of tourists visiting the coastal region might be the cause of some of this unrealistic events.

After openly flushing there resources at our women most of which come from poor background the temptation kids in and that is when things might go terribly wrong.

However this does not imply that even men are not persuaded but the research has shed a light on more that is necessary to be explained.

Our women should be cautioned on the dangers of HIV and what it can result in. Otherwise several years to come most of our beautiful Kenyan women will be gone.

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