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People Who Can't Transmit HIV Despite Living With The Virus

HIV is a virus that weakens the human immune system. If not treated, the virus can multiply and lead to the final stage which is called AIDS. At this stage the body immune system is severely weakened and chances of getting other opportunistic diseases such as Tuberculosis and pneumonia are high.

Once a person test positive with the virus, he/she is put on ART treatment. The treatment helps in reducing the amount of the virus in the blood also called viral load.

Once the viral load is suppressed, they becomes undetectable and can't be transmitted to another person. However, this doesn't mean that you have become negative.

The person still continue adhering to the ARVs to maintain the undetectable viral load.

Defaulting the ARVs even after suppressing the virus can result to drug resistance which will make the ARVs regime a person is taking to be less effective to the virus.

Self discipline and adherence to the ARVs is the secret to becoming and maintain undetectable viral load therefore not transmitting the virus to a negative person.

Other ways of preventing the transmission of HIV is by the use of PRePs and PePs. Follow me to learn more on this.

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