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Not Covid-19, This Deadly Disease Kills Majority Of Rift Valley Dwellers, Statistics Reveals

The entry of Covid-19 to the made some of us to lose hope in life thanks to the vaccines that has been launched and approved to help booast immunity to the deadly virus. The virus made many to lose jobs, thousands lost their lives and up to now it is still a crisis. Truth be told, we must accept to live with this disease. Wear mask, sanitize, and avoid close contacts.

However, according to statistics, pneumonia has been killing people especially those who live in rift valley. The deadly disease is an inflammation of the lungs(air sacs) and therefore impending the circulation of oxygen in the body and finally killing one. But why is it affecting majority of rift valley residents?

The research further indicates that rift valley region is majorly highland and most parts receives a lot of rain. In the long run, the area becomes cold and therefore people do not take extra effort to cope with the cold. In this regard, cold plus moisture in the air is what causes pneumonia.

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