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Red and white Beans Fight Diabetes and promote weight loss

Accused of causing uncomfortable bloating, dried beans do not always have a good press. However, they are resisting by displaying their benefits to the most skeptical.


 Ally of the intestinal flora via its rate of resistant starch: 63% in black beans, against 2% in rice. In addition, it allows the production of short-chain fatty acids, butyrate in particular, to which the 'many virtues are attributed, such as cancer prevention.

Anticholesterol. The richness of all dried beans in phytosterols is a boon for regulating hypercholesterolemia. 

These compounds indeed have the property of limiting the absorption of cholesterol in the intestine by competing with it to bind to the same transporters. 

They thus make it possible to preserve good cardiovascular health. With a low glycemic index and very well endowed with fiber, they also have the ability to naturally regulate blood sugar levels, which is particularly useful in the prevention or control of type 2 diabetes.

 Satiating thanks to its proteins, red beans calm large appetites or sustainably satiate those who put themselves on a diet and are anti-fatigue.

Anticonstipation: its fibers boost sluggish intestines.


 Dried beans are often synonymous with gas. To reduce this effect, rather than permanently removing them from your diet, you just have to let them soak for a few hours in boiling water with a level tablespoon of baking soda before cooking. 

This softens the film surrounding the seeds, responsible for intestinal disorders. It is also important to chew them well, so as not to leave all the work to the intestines at the risk of inconvenience. To take advantage of all their benefits, watch out for the fats that often accompany this delicacy.

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