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5 Health benefits you will get when you sleep without clothes.

Proving to be one of the healthiest things to do, going to bed without your clothes on is the new rage among health freaks.

Here’s why sleeping naked could be more beneficial.

1. Better Quality Of Sleep

Insomnia can be caused due to lack of perfect body temperature regulation at night. When the body temperature is regulated during sleep, it results in a deeper slumber. A study involved placing thermo suits on individuals while they slept so that their skin temperature would be lowered while the core body temperature remained the same. The result was uninterrupted sleep and more time spent in stages of deep sleep.

2. Combat Body Fat And Lower Cortisol Levels

Cortisol is the hormone responsible for causing stress. When your body is naturally cooled at night, it reduces the levels of cortisol, which also plays a major role in disorders like high blood pressure, increase in cholesterol levels, imbalance of hormones, weak immune system, as well as disturbed sleep.

If deep sleep is not achieved, you can wake up feeling abnormally hungry and craving for sugar. Sleeping naked can give you deeper sleep that, in turn, can keep the cortisol levels in check.

3. Stimulate The Release Of Anti-Aging Hormones

The ideal room temperature that one must sleep in is 21 degrees Celsius. Any temperature higher than that results in a lower release rate of the growth hormones and melatonin that are the key players in anti-aging.

Melatonin is released only when you sleep in pitch dark rooms. It lowers the body temperature and facilitates the release of growth hormones. A good night’s sleep in itself boosts the release of growth hormones.

4. Healthy Body Composition

The release of growth hormones is hindered when the body temperature as well as the temperature of the room that you sleep in is high. Growth hormones are absolutely essential in order to repair tissues and maintain a healthy body composition.

Studies show that more than six hours of sleep is necessary to prevent conditions like diabetes and heart disease that might lead to an undesired gain of weight. Lack of sleep also causes hunger pangs and less production of fat-burning hormones.

5. Boost Oxytocin

Oxytocin or the love hormone is responsible for the feel-good factor. Orgasms, sexual responsiveness, fight against depression and stress are all dominated by oxytocin. It also plays a pivotal role in controlling blood pressure in the body and reducing it to quite an extent.

When two naked bodies sleep next to each other, the contact between the skins can boost oxytocin release. Let’s also not forget that sleeping next to your partner in your birthday suit can lead to exciting moments in the bedroom.

Sleep is so essential for us, but is unfortunately taken for granted by all. Good sleeping patterns and optimum body and room temperatures have a great impact on our health. With a little more effort and attention, we can restore our health, skin, and body to pave the way for a stronger immune system, a glowing skin free of dark circles, controlled blood pressure, and protection from conditions like diabetes and obesity.

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