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Health Benefits of Eating Pawpaw Daily

Pawpaws are normally grown in tropical climate. They have a lot of nutritional benefits and helps protects against a number of health difficulties. It protect the role of in eye and it may ward off macular degeneration. However, too much intake of it helps to decrease the risk and progression of age related muscular degeneration.

It is important in prevention of Asthma especially for those who consume it daily. It is rich with antioxidants which are important and helps prevents cancer. It has vitamin K which is important for good health and improves absorption of calcium thus reducing urinary excretion of calcium in the body to strengthen and rebuild bones.

It has enzymes that aids in digestion and also rich in fibre which helps reduce the chances of constipation. This is important for promoting healthy digestive track. It has potassium which is important in reducing heart diseases such as cardiovascular disease. Mashed pawpaw are beneficial in healing wounds and preventing infections on burned areas.

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