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Amazing Benefit Of Bathing With Cold Water To People With HBP

It is well known that lowering one's body temperature by taking a shower or bath in cold water improves blood circulation and reduces one's metabolic rate for a while. However, cold water has extra benefits for patients with excessive blood sugar, also known as diabetes. Many persons with diabetes or high blood sugar are unaware of the consequences that taking a bath in cold water might have on their condition.

According to Healthline, diabetes can develop from hyperglycemia if the body is unable to produce enough of the hormone insulin to bring blood sugar levels back down to normal. The effects of high blood sugar on various tissues include triggering inflammation and discomfort.

However, a cold shower not only lowers inflammation, but decreases the blood sugar level by releasing chemicals that increase cell sensitivity to insulin and work in combination with the hormone to manage sugar spikes.

The immune system is also affected by hyperglycemia. A diabetic's immune system may have problems fighting off some illnesses due to the high sugar level in the blood and the decreased number of disease-fighting cells, but taking a cold shower or bath increases the release of leucocytes, which supports the immune system in fighting off these infections.

Taking cold-water baths on a regular basis is not recommended due to the risk of developing a low core temperature, which can have further negative effects on the body.

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