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Panic In India As Kenyans Are Advised To Form Groups And Back Home

Delhi hospitals issued desperate appeals for oxygen on Friday and 13 Covid-19 patients died in a fire, as India's healthcare system buckles under a new wave of infections.

India recorded more than 330,000 new Covid cases on Friday, the second consecutive day that the country has set a global record for daily infections. Hospitals and government leaders are scrambling for supplies of oxygen and other emergency aid.

India's running out of oxygen and the streets are filled with patients. That strain will cross the atlantic and be in your neck of the woods shortly cause you're living in an echo chamber that's gonna wipe out the remains of the VFW.

evastating images of patients dying for lack of oxygen. India has failed its people like never before.

The latest report for Time magazine on Narendra Modi's criminal abdication of responsibility in dealing with the second deadly Covid wave in India.

The hospital's medical director said a severe shortfall had slowed the flow of oxygen to 25 of the sickest patients, who needed a high pressure, stable supply.

The tragedy came at the end of a week where several major hospitals in Delhi have repeatedly come close to running out of oxygen, which can help patients with the virus who need support with their breathing stay alive.

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