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Why Should the Government Make Cancer Treatment Free?

 When the word cancer is mentioned, at least everyone who hears that word has an experience of an individual suffering from the disease or even lost their life. Cancer is a killer, and that can never be opposed. While cancer is claiming the lives of voters, I still find it so hard why the medication of cancer patients is not free.

Cancer is extremely expensive; no citizen can afford the treatment of the disease without support from family or friends. I still wonder why the treatment of the disease is so expensive, and yet we pay taxes. In Kenya, cancer centers are less than 100. An example is a visit to Kenyatta hospital or Moi teaching and referral hospital. You will be shocked how patients travel from far to seek cancer treatment.

We pay taxes; the government should prioritize cancer treatment and ensure that citizens can access treatment at affordable prices. Millions have been investing in matters that are of no significance to the poor voters. Still, there is no proper measure to handle the shameful situation when it comes to health, which is a necessity to every citizen.

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