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5 Phycology Tips To Level Up And Grow Your Mindset

There are two ways you can move through life, and that is by growing your two mindsets. The Fixed mindset is looking for what’s easy, comfortable, and predictable, literally without struggling. Secondly, the Growth mindset is seeking growth, challenge and mystery.

Here are some tips to grow your mindset:

1.Learn every day

Devote yourself to learn one new thing every day. You can lose everything in life but not your mind and what’s in it. Some of us tend to slow down once we reach certain goals and kind of chill. This is a dangerous territory to stay in.

2.Ask questions

We have been conditioned to not ask questions. For many, asking questions is a sign of weakness, embarrassment, or it means you are a failure. But it's not. Every question you ask helps you gather either facts or an opinion. Remember, quality questions create a quality life.

3.Follow and learn from the best

If you think your role models are too busy to respond to your email, just follow them on social media, or watch their videos. Every single piece of information is a stepping stone to your success. Observe, learn, and stay curious. There's an old saying that goes, It is not what you know, it is who you know.

4.Become friends with failure

Failure is either your friend or your enemy, and you choose which it is. Failure brings not only experience but also pain. This pain is a great way to motivate yourself and develop better, more compelling ideas that allow you to improve. Infact, failure is a blessing in disguise.

5.Write down your thoughts

The point of writing down thoughts is basically to reflect our inner feelings and try to understand the problems or to clear off our heads. Write down all your thoughts, that will help you focus much better, because whatever you focus on, you find.

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